every step because you ran out of its bent for a moment.

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shoes actual size tend to prevail. Some small models of running shoes-shoes (such as strong winds Marathon shoes, methomyl jogging shoes), and some type of running shoe shoes lean, some types of shoes wide, all depending on your foot type, choosing the right shoe. Buy running shoes, be sure to give it a try, but wore running socks (cushioning, wear-resistant) to try on shoes. See if it is appropriate, comfortable uncomfortable. When choosing sports shoes, comfort is very important. Try on shoes there are two nike air max classic bw principles: one is unable to pinch (about including length and width) and is as fit as possible, preferring slightly tighter, not too large. When you just wear some shoes may feel slightly tight, you actually wear larger shoe after a period of time, so you just. Otherwise the shoes to stretch some more later, has become too large, running easily with shoe

strings back and forth to move the foot, affect your running. 1.3 on the soles of a pair of shoes is stiff, stamp after you put on the floor, it was still, sole would be too hard. Looking for shoes, solid and slight flexible shoe. View most suitable shoes is manufactured fairly hard, and in between foot and shoe is covered with a layer of soft cushioning. Running shoes should be tough, especially in the toe portion of the ball, every step because you ran out of its bent for a moment. If it can't be easily bent, you will squander, nike air max 90 there is no need to add pressure to your legs. In your shoes before you buy them, put the shoe bends bend. If you want great leeway to bend to it, just pick one. (If you already have a pair of shoes very hard, then you want it curved points on the soles with a knife three or four horizontal cracks on, so that you can make the shoe soften. ) 1.4 most Athletic Shoe

cushioning system sports shoe cushioning system is made of sponge midsole, now has two of the most basic material: EVA and Polyurethane, which has different performance characteristics. EVA:EVA material more softer than Polyurethane, lighter, more flexible and more easily than Polyurethane because it is compressed. Than p but EVA material stability, and performance is not sustained. EVA midsole is usually like a nice soft, flexible shoe light weight scarves. Polyurethane:It is heavier than the EVA material, hardness, density, EVA stable, durable and strong. Like stable, durable, sturdy shoes are often the choice of this material. When evaluating buffering system, there are three points to note: ①, because in the end is not entirely made of sponge, so that we can use other materials instead of sponges to increase stability shoes. ② buffering systems are usually heavier than a

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