ordinary running shoes for cross country running shoe: outsole

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attention to the small load of running cross-country running shoes. Cross country running shoes are generally in non-weapon on the cement floor. There are shoe-shaped design, the designers tried to use breathable waterproof fabric. And plus slightly hardened material on the uppers, is designed to protect your feet in Qi song's sprained because of steps on a small stone in the field. Support is better. Soles and soft. Mountaineering shoes are is high waist of, it to protection you of ankle in uneven of road Xia from by vibram five fingers sprained, more important of point is mountaineering shoes of shoes geological to more hard, so hiking Plains Shi must to for Shang hiking shoes, cannot with mountaineering shoes instead of, otherwise you of feet late will up blisters has! mountaineering shoes of soles General are is anti-thorn anti-tied of, soles middle will design into shock material,So

the rough and muddy roads, hiking shoes is the best choice! Ordinary running shoes and cross country running shoes compare shoes: seen from the outsole, with outer soles are generally covered the whole sole, studded with a variety of special lines in the Middle may have many sulci and Gyri, color is mostly black, also has a different color, thickness is generally 3-5mm. Outside the major role is in direct contact with the nike blazer mid ground at the end of play in the process of wear-resistant, non-slip, full of texture and Groove is back in this role. Generally carbon rubber outsole material, rubber abrasion resistance and anti-slip effect and weight make it ideal. Is different from the ordinary running shoes for cross country running shoe: outsole patterns are more exaggerated thick soles are hard, upper materials such as water splash, shoelaces can be fixed of admission to a special slot inside.

This is mainly taking into account, the wild road complex, rock, sand, mud and water, are more solid and hard soles, while shoe surface for some waterproof function. Cross country running shoes ordinary running shoes are very different. Cross country running shoes is to bring "trail"Words are usually breathable waterproof and most importantly keeps sand out shoes, outsole with textured thick, sparse, appropriate for off-road venues running wear, such as mountain trails, not suitable for running in the ground, grip is bad (because outsole textured too sparse). Appearance is usually dark. First of all to pay attention to when purchasing cross country running shoes heels, purchase of should pinch with their thumb and index finger a few times in order to understand logging followed by the degree of support to the foot of a pair of shoes. Good heel support can ensure

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