provides a more consistent performance throughout the campaign

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absorption, provides a more consistent performance throughout the campaign. Get your foot in the shoe design direction to reimburse the reasonable distribution of mechanics, more suitable for knee hurt friends or need to provide more support for friends, for normal foot. 2. absorption of shock: the most common varieties of shoes, in between support and shock absorption too much emphasis and shock performance. Relatively stable foot feels better, but its poor stability, support dropped for shock absorption to be air max direct good friends wear, suitable for foot and normal foot. 3. the control: relatively rare varieties of shoes, generally applicable with flat feet comfort is high. Monopoly on the Mainland are fairly uncommon, about to leave for Hong Kong Professional shoe Shoppe sale is possible. 4. cross country:Relatively common varieties, complex terrain not suitable for General hiking or

road conditions are relatively poor conditions. In General, this shoe biased towards isolation from the uneven soles, due to external forces resulting from impact, so the foot feels quite hard, not suitable for crossing the flat or better roads condition (lack of grip and wear). See more domestic monopoly. 5. light weight stable: the birth of the last two years, typical is the famous ASICS KINSEI Venus series, by its very nature is a air max thea combination of shock absorption and stability of a running shoe, shoes like those in BROOKS, saucony, not blended. Last bulls wool-Silk Wool silk synthetic wool is an advanced synthetic hair, synthetic hair is not in effect in the early years, material is beautiful now, many unsuspecting sellers called her wool, but in fact she's main ingredient is the chemical fiber, huddled together after burning. Technology of Mercerized wool and wool is a material adhesion on cowhide, disadvantage is difficult to flip, and permeability is weak. Fifth of suede

and faux fur shoes are the material below 100, but it will also score from materials to manufacturing processes ranging in price from 20-100.Characteristics of snow boots features natural leather is superior to other materials, lies in its flexible, breathable, abrasion resistance, folding, beauty is essential material for high-grade leather shoes. Its characteristics are: part 1, natural leather quality varies greatly. Because of the different site functions in animals, should not be too high, heel height should be fit, no more than 5 cm, heel high 2cm~4cm the best, remember: the health limit is 7 cm high heel. Po with shoes of purchase for crowd shank rounded strong of lines and Po with shoes combines will raised on sexy of all guess; figure Petite girls of Gospel, does not is towering of match manufacturing stretch proportions of beauty; Po with shoes of style mostly and retro style combines, so

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